Tracey Jane Watson

Tracey Jane Watson – Interior Designer

Tracey Jane has been working with clients for over 16 years creating beautiful interiors, demonstrating a passion for ensuring that each client’s personality is reflected in their home. Our homes are very personal spaces, our haven’s if you will, and it’s so important that we create a home that is relaxing, inviting and reflects something of ourselves.  Everyone has different ideas of what they want their homes to look like and my skill is to deliver this above and beyond the client’s expectations.

“Clients come to me for all different sorts of reasons, some have demanding schedules and although they have a clear idea of what they want they just don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves. Others just feel overwhelmed with the plethora of product that is on the market and get confused by what they really like, and just need a helping hand to steer them through and create a home they will love.” Tracey Jane loves working with different personalities and is determined to achieve the best result for each client specific to their needs – so I guess you could say she will create what you love to live in.

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Tracey Jane is in partnership with Ballycastle Homecare Interiors, one of Northern Irelands leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers, and works closely with their designers from the early building stages advising on finishes, colours and styles. “This is an exciting stage to get involved, as it sets the scene for the rest of the interior and allows me to get a real glimpse of what the client likes. Together we can deliver a full interior design experience from building to completion.”

While many people have an eye for interiors Tracey Jane believes that the correct qualifications and training are essential to ensure you get the best advice. Having completed a B.A. Hons Degree in Consumer Studies which included textiles and design, Tracey Jane also completed an Interior Design Diploma from the KLC School of Design in London shortly after acquiring Emporium Interiors to sharpen her skills. Tracey Jane spent 7 year in industry working in sales and marketing which allows her the benefit of creativity balanced with productivity – a good idea is only a good idea if it’s implemented and Tracey Jane delivers results.